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Discover the joy of our Thermal Flask with Temperature Display

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Be part of Green Environment

Our Reusable Flask with temperature display bottle per person, can yearly replace the use of

  • 3 kg of CO2.
  • 4 kg of waste
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For the Little Ones, Flask for Baby Bottles

thermos Flask with Temperature Display Thermal Baby Flask Hot Drink Boiled Water

Your All-Occasion Essential Baby Flask with Temperature Display

The perfect thermal flask, ideal for you and your family! Whether you're on the road, at home, at school, or enjoying the great outdoors, this flask with temperature display is your steadfast companion.

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What Our Customers Say

Comfortable, nice design and feels good and comfortable when you touch it, keeps coffee hot longer

Eli - United Kingdom

Nice color and comfortable, it boils the water and when you set the temperature, however is only for car plug

Lisa - United Kingdom

Very Practical for travel to boil water for drinks or food, specially that you can select the desired temperature

Wesley - United Kingdom

Boils water from cold in the car in about 10-20 mins. I use it for two things 1) Second cup of coffee kept warm whilst driving. 2) Boiling a drink without paying service station fees. Quick and Simple. Draws lots of power so only used whilst driving. Hand Wash Only. I've only used water in it then transferred to my normal insulated car mug.

Jimbo - United Kingdom

This flask is a life saver for me, both when going out with my baby and at home. Saves me keeps boiling the kettle. It has the temperature on the flask lid too.

Sabha - United Kingdom

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